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Selous Game Reserve

Selous covers an area of 50,000km² and is the largest protected area in Africa.
Furthermore, this reserve is intact considering that there has never been any impact from man.

The area is a refuge for a large number of elephants, black rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles and many other species.
A wide variety of natural habitats can be found, including Miombo, meadows, river forests and marshes.
Among the other species of mammals present in the reserve we can include: yellow baboons, leopards, spotted hyenas and the largest "population" of African wild dogs, about 1,300 specimens, striped jackals, puku, klipspringer, blue cephalophe and red cephalopus.

There are also very rare species of animals, including: Sanje river beetles, Udzungwa red colobus, Colobus Illiger and Sharpe nototrago.
There are about 350 species of birds, including: the goose bump, the leadbeater bucorvo, the juggling falcon, the Stierling woodpecker, the white crown lapwing, the Udzungwa partridge and the rusty-winged nectarinia.
There are also many reptiles and amphibians, including crocodiles.

The territories near the reserve (the lowlands and the Mikumi mountains, the Kilombero marshes and the Udzungwa mountains) are rich in endangered species, many of which were brought into the Selous Game Reserve to protect them.

Peculiarity of Selous Game Reserve:

  • it is 4 times the size of Serengeti National Park;
  • has the largest animal reserve in the world, is the place where you can find the largest number of elephants, hippos, wild dogs, buffaloes and crocodiles in all the Africa;
  • is a UNESCO heritage site;
  • more than 440 known species of birds can be found living together with other wild animals;
  • walking safaris are allowed, in most other African national parks they are forbidden;
  • you can go on boat safaris;
  • interesting places in the park as the Rufiji river, which flows to the Indian Ocean in front of the Mafia island, and the Stiegler's Gorge, a canyon 100 m deep and 100 m wide.

What to do

Hot air balloon safaris, bird watching, boat and canoe safaris, walking safaris, wildlife safaris, camping, luxury safaris, and safari weddings.


It covers an area of around 55,000 km², is located in southern Tanzania about 250km south of Dar es Salaam.

Getting There

By car from Dar es Salaam with about 6/7 hours of travel.
By plane from Dar es Salaam, Arusha or Zanzibar.

When to Go

The climate is hot and humid throughout the year, average temperatures range is from 13 to 40°C.
The best time to visit Selous is from June to November, as regards the excursions, and from January to March for birdwatching.

Where to Stay

There are several facilities for sleeping inside or outside the Game Reserve.

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