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Pangani City

Pangani is a small town on the East African coast which is located 50 km south of Tanga, with a long cultural history that has British, German, Asian and colonial influences.
It is located at the mouth of the Pangani river that collects its waters from Kilimanjaro and Meru.
Here you can enjoy the coast with clean beaches where you will find green turtle breeds, historical sites, coral reefs, the old port and the great diversity of the inhabitants of tropical areas.
It was once a center of trade with the African mainland.
The old German administrative Boma is located behind many tall trees.
The former prison, painted in a faded ocher red, overlooks the waters of the river.
The old houses along the main road offer examples of colonial and traditional Swahili architecture.
Visitors are advised to explore what remains of the old city on foot.
Even a short walk rewards visitors with a taste of quiet life in the old commercial cities along the Swahili coast.

What to Do

Visit of the historic city, cruise on the Pangani river, boat trip to Maziwe Marine Park Island for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and dolphin watching.
You can also visit some villages, or get to know the life of the green turtles in danger of extinction.
In Pangani are organized some city bike tours and fishing experiences with local fishermen.


Pangani is 53 km south of the city of Tanga.

Where to stay

You can find many guest houses, hotels and campsites both along the Indian Ocean beach and around the city of Pangani.
Campsites are available in various places around Pangani and in places nearby.

Getting There

Pangani is easily accessible: there are daily buses leaving from Dar es Salaam and Arusha. It takes 6 hours of driving from Arusha and 7 hours from Dar es Salaam.
There are several minibuses that depart from Tanga.

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