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Musoma City

Musoma is a city in the Mara region, located on the eastern edge of Lake Victoria, not far from the border with Kenya. There are boats crossing Lake Victoria from Musoma.
The name Musoma comes from the word Omusoma which means "piece of land protruding into the lake", the name refers to the many strips of land that protrude into the Lake Victoria.

The place where the city of Musoma developed was initially under the control of the Kurya tribe of Abhakabhwa, commonly called Wakabwa.

Musoma was very contested between the Wakabwa and the Wakiroba.
To win the war the two tribes turned to the Germans, who stationed in Mwanza, but the Germans became allied with the Wakiroba. It was thanks to this alliance, and the use of German guns, that the Wakabwa were defeated.
The first headquarters of the Germans was founded in Nyabangi, it was soon abandoned because the waters there were shallow, so it was not possible to build a port there. Thus Musoma became the new German headquarters.

Nowadays the city offers a lot of fun for tourists and is the right place for people who want to experience the vibrant life of people around Lake Victoria.
The city has an old German building, the Boma, which is now used as a government office that offers visitors a historical view of the area.
The sunset makes the view of Lake Victoria even more beautiful and the "Bismark rocks" are visible on the shore.

What to Do

Located near Butiama, birthplace of the first president of Tanzania, Musoma host the Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere Museum, which exhibits many documents about the movement for independence and history of Tanzania, also shows various objects that belonged to the leader, including one copy of Plato's "The Republic", which he translated into Swahili.

The Mukendo hill is a place where the panoramic views of the city and Lake Victoria are fantastic. At the base of the hill there are some caves which inspired a local legend about who ruled the area.

Musoma offers tourists an organized tour of the city where visitors can see what the locals do during the day. An experience of local life and seeing how the locals do business. A visit to the fish market is recommended.

Musoma offers many hotels on the beach where are available various activities for visitors, such as boat trips to the exotic islands (Kibuyi Peninsula and Lukuba Island), deep-sea fishing or simple walks along the shore.
You can also do other activities, such as: mountain biking, an evening happy hour, camping, a visit to the fishing villages and more.

Furthermore, there are several local restaurants where delicious dishes are served.


It is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in northern Tanzania, near the border with Kenya.

Getting There

The airport is five minutes from the city center, there are four weekly flights from Dar es Salaam.

Where to Stay

There are several hotels and lodges in the city.

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