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Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

Located on the island of Zanzibar, it includes the Jozani Forest and the Chwaka Bay lagoon.

The Jozani forest became a protected natural area in 1960; in 1995 the protection was extended to the Chwaka Bay lagoon, thus giving birth to this National Park.

The eastern part of the Jozani forest and the coastal area of Chwaka bay are occupied by a dense mangrove forest.
The western part is covered by an evergreen bushes, with sommacco trees.
The northwestern part has denser woodland vegetation, while in the central part we find marshy areas, where there is a dense water forest.

In the park you can see the red colobus of Zanzibar, the white-throated vervet, the Ader cephalophe, a small endangered antelope, the suni and the servaline genet of Zanzibar.
The Zanzibar leopard, which once lived in this area, is now considered extinct.
We can find various species of birds, such as: the Fischer turaco, the greenish bulbul, the nectarinia red patches, the western nectarinia olive sunbird, the bearded nightingale of Zanzibar, the brownhead parrot, the kingfisher of the mangroves, the starling akelat of the east coast and the red bishop of Zanzibar.
Among the amphibians the frog of Jozani deserves to be pointed out: its back is covered by spots of color from black to dark gray , separated by thin light gray lines, while the belly has a creamy white color.

What to do

Bird watching, wildlife safaris, walking safaris.


It covers about 50 km², located about 35 km south-east of Stone Town, close to the Chwaka Bay lagoon.

When to Go

The hottest months go from November to February.
The season of the Great Rains is from April to May, while that of the Little Rains is from October to November.

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